A downloadable game for Windows

Supply Chain

- Created by Arego

- Prototype Fin August 8th 2019

[How to Play]


  • Left click the grey boxes to activate them.
  • Left click on items in to either add them to the inventory or move them about.
  • Right click on items in your inventory to Quarry them.


  • Your objective is to accumulate the most gold before time runs out.
  • To gain gold you must quarry (or sell) bigger and bigger items.
  • At the end of 20 turns, your current gold will be score.


  • There are 20 turns in a game
  • At the beginning of each turn all houses generate a random item.
  • At the end of each turn (when the “end turn” button is pressed) all items in your inventory are removed.


  • Each turn you may quarry up to 3 items in your inventory. 
  • When a item Is quarried you immediately gain the amount of gold listed below it.
  •  Items may not be moved or fused when quarried. Example of Quarrying


  • You may fuse two of the same items together.
  • This forms a more expensive item.
  • To do this left click on a item you want to fuse then left click on its counterpart. 

[Building Types]

Constructing Buildings

  • First buy a building from the buttons on the left.
  • Then designate a location to build by left clicking.
  • Finally, after a turn has passed your building will be constructed.

Constructing Buildings Icon


  • Houses cost 3 gold.
  • Each turn a house generates a random item. 
  • When left clicked the random item is added to your inventory.


  • Storages cost 5 gold
  • The storage building adds one extra slot to your inventory


  • The tower cost 7 gold.
  • You may place items into it for 1 gold.
  • Items stored in a tower are not removed at the end of a turn.


Supply Chain.exe 15 MB

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